Scotch vs. Bourbon – What Sets Them Apart?

There are various delectable whiskey varieties, but bourbon and scotch are among the most popular. They are both well-known internationally and closely associated with their home countries. These are the only two major similarities. As promised, this article will focus on giving you the key differences between scotch and bourbon and why you should treat your taste buds to these exceptional drinks.   

What is Scotch & Bourbon?

Scotch Whisky

Scotland produces Scotch whiskey, which is used medicinally as an antibacterial. Scotch whisky was initially manufactured from malted barley, and the oldest recorded written mention of it is in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland from 1494. 

 Malted barley remains an essential ingredient in scotch whisky. Commercial distilleries started making whisky from wheat and rye. Oak barrels are often used to age Scotch Whisky for at least three years, but this is not a requirement. The aging process of scotch is said to make it better. In other words, when the alcohol ages in a cask, the wood breaks down its more abrasive, harsh qualities, resulting in a smoother liquid with more nuanced flavors. 

Bourbon Whisky

Bourbon is an American whiskey that should contain at least 51% corn mash. The United States has the only legal permission to produce bourbon worldwide. Even though the regulations for bourbon are a little less stringent than those for scotch, it still needs to follow a few guidelines.

 When the spirit is poured into casks for age in brand-new charred oak barrels, its ABV cannot exceed 62.5% and must have been distilled to 80% alcohol. However, a straight bourbon must be aged for two years and should not include any additional flavoring, coloring, or other additives.

Can You Mix Scotch and Bourbon?

Although mixing Scotch and Bourbon is a personal preference, you’re doing them a disservice because they have such unique flavors on their own. The powerful wood flavors of Bourbon or rye whiskey can dominate the subtleties of scotch when added directly into a blend.

 If you’re not careful, you may end up drinking something that tastes overly like Bourbon, similar to adding too much peat. Adding a Scotch whisky matured in first-fill ex-bourbon casks is ideal if you prefer a sweeter, woodier whisky because it will produce such flavors more harmoniously.

 Blending scotch and bourbon requires a mixology technique for adjusting the distinct flavors. It’s a matter of experimenting until you find the right balance, and you’ll be amazed by the fusion that two whiskies produce.

Is Bourbon Or Scotch Better?

scotch vs bourbon

There is no easy way to respond to this query. After all, no concrete evidence can show that scotch is superior to bourbon or vice versa. It is ultimately a very personal choice that the drinker must make for themselves.

 Overall, bourbon will likely be preferred over scotch by those who favor a sweeter alcoholic flavor with a hint of smoke. Contrarily, those who prefer their spirits particularly strong and with a strong smoky flavor are more likely to find scotch to favor scotch over bourbon.

Is Scotch Or Bourbon Healthier?

The demand for whiskey is anticipated to increase dramatically over the next few years due to some progressively recognized health benefits.

 Certain whiskeys are superior to others; however, scotch and bourbon whisky has a lot of antioxidant content. Ellagic acid is produced when whiskey is aged in wooden barrels, giving it its amber hue. Ellagic acid has blood sugar-regulating properties and has been demonstrated to have anti-cancer characteristics that can help fight cutaneous, esophagus, and colon cancers.

Classic Bourbon Cocktails

No drink is more directly linked to American history than bourbon. The original recipe for the old-fashioned drink relates to where the modern cocktail started in the United States in the early 1800s.

 Even today, bourbon is a well-liked foundation for cocktails. Whiskey is a substance that may be consumed on its own, or you can combine it with other substances in any amount, and it will still balance out. 

 Because of the liquor’s lengthy history, there are many bourbon cocktails to experiment with your friends. Try some of our White Horse Originals. We’ve added unique touches to the cocktails to create what we dub a classy and sophisticated sensation.

Winter Bourbon Cocktails

Bourbon is a wintertime favorite for some, while others view it as their way of life. Whatever the reason, the White Horse Tavern is the perfect place to enjoy winter bourbon cocktails.

 The recipe caters to all tastes with notes of chocolate, pineapple, smokey chile, and raspberry jam. Try one of our winter cocktails for a more sophisticated experience in the season. These delectable bourbon cocktails will stoke your thirst, warm your heart, and tickle your taste receptors.

 Join us at White Horse Tavern if you’re ready for a glass of your preferred liquor. Our goal is to treat you to a variety of delicacies while relieving you of the city’s bustle and daily stress