The Ultimate Guide to Happy Hour in the West Village

For years, the West Village has seen a vibrant mix of affluence and the unconventional. Between its opulent brownstones, scenic parks, and chic restaurants, you’ll find bohemian-inspired bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that contradict the area’s seemingly preppy scene.

If you’re an employee in the Village, you’ll know that the transition from work to play must be relaxed, yet fun to pique your interest. But locals and tourists alike will find refuge in the West Village happy hour scene, giving you the chance to meet up with friends, have a few drinks, and ready yourself for a good time.

Better than any old TGIF sentiment, happy hours are week-day reprieves from long commutes and endless meetings. Usually between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m., you’ll find solace in its selection of barrooms, pubs, eateries, and jazz lounges to spend your well-deserved break.

Incredible Drinks & Late-Night Conversations

The best happy hour in West Village requires some research and a little planning. We recommend you consider your drink preferences first. Are you a wine connoisseur, or does an ice-cold pint do it for you? Does your favorite pastime include sipping on a delicious cocktail, or are you craving a fiery shot (or two)? However you choose to celebrate the evening, White Horse Tavern offers a unique drinks menu, along with a diverse range of pub snacks and meal classics.

Specialty Cocktails & All-Around Good Vibes

One of the secret ingredients to the neighborhood’s successful nightlife scene is timing. For example, White Horse Tavern’s happy hour happens every weekday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. It means that each special could be the ideal way to end off the day before heading home a little more relaxed. 

Alternatively, if it’s later in the week, happy hour could be the perfect way to kickstart a festive night out. Whatever you choose, the White Horse Tavern’s West Village happy hour sets the scene for a late-night chat or party, a chance to unwind, connect, and throw the day’s (or week’s) troubles away.

Most patrons enjoy a cocktail as much as the next, but value for money is always a good move. As such, the party starts where happy hour lives, and it’s no surprise that White Horse Tavern leads the pack with specialty cocktails that are as affordable as they are appetizing. Choose from a range of more innovative mixes, such as vodka with a ginger twist or a more classic neat whiskey à la Dylan Thomas. Keep an eye out for our rotating list of specialty cocktails of the day, ready to order for $15.

Beyond Drinks: Enjoy Happy Hour Eats

What makes happy hour so attractive are the unique menu options you have to choose from – without breaking the bank. You can enjoy a gourmet cheeseburger with a draft beer for $25, while a plate of nachos with a spicy margarita is a bar-lover’s favorite. 


We also boast a menu of appetizing foods to snack on, or if your hunger knows no limits, try our full-sized, knife-and-fork meals for a great culinary experience. Explore our website to view our full list of happy hour specials and food-drink combinations.

Your Laid-Back Spot for Happy Hour in West Village

The best happy hour experience is characterized by a laid-back, light-hearted atmosphere that invites you in after a hard day’s work. With lively music, warm lighting, and a relaxed setting, your happy hour in the West Village, NYC, will be one for the books.

When it comes to setting, you can opt to sit outdoors or inside. White Horse Tavern’s outdoor setting is great for enjoying a beer under a summer night sky, while our indoor space is cozy and ideal for enjoying a glass of vino with friends. Remember that happy hour offers bottles of wine at half the price, with double the fun.

Whether you’re looking to relax or liven up, exploring the West Village bar scene offers a healthy dose of escape. Why not pop into White Horse Tavern and enjoy a tasty specialty cocktail or 5$ draft of the day (and maybe some yummy buffalo wings!) for a dreamy night out? Take a breather while you tap into the area’s history – you deserve it.

We’ll see you there.